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2 Performers. 1 Fish Tank.
103 Rubber Ducks.

FLOOD | SCROLL | FLOOD offers a glimpse into the deranged minds of two hatred-obsessed creatures as they engage, with extreme dedication,  in a series of conflicting actions, self punishing rituals, helpless information consumption, and the obsessive processing of an endless and toxic data flow. 

Designed to appeal to the audience's own voyeuristic instincts, FLOOD | SCROLL | FLOOD is an invitation to take part in a sickening feast of social media sourced rage. 

The two performers labour tirelessly in a room infused with individual frustrations, unbending opinions and blind disgusts sent from the other side of the "keyboard curtain". Here the lost voices of trolls and confused, misguided minds are received, scrutinized and materialized. 

Like two trapped rats desperately scrolling, equipped with strange devices, each deals in their own way with the anger flowing their way. Possibly aware of each other's presence and actions. Possibly not. 

Show preview at Venuše ve Švehlovce Theatre
Prague Microfestival - May 2018
Photos: Robert Carrithers